Has your post been unreasonably hidden by NextDoor?

This site was started because of the way that NextDoor allow their social media site to be subverted and controlled by some individuals who thereby control the dialogue of anyone who holds a differing opinion.

If you have had a post "hidden" or otherwise removed, perhaps this is a place to have your say, free from these egotistical, over zealous and power mad individuals.

Perhaps there is someone who is targetting you for personal reasons or just because your opinions don't align with theirs but they don't have a valid argument.

If you have had a post removed/hidden or otherwise deleted, email a copy of the original post along with any comments you wish to make and give the reason it was removed to deleted@cap-city.co.uk. I can't promise to publish everything but will give it a go. There are things we cannot publish, other people's names and any other illegal content or that which would put the site owners at risk for example.

Each topic will have its own page and you will be emailed a link to that page.

ONLY YOUR words can be published here. Any comment from others cannot be published because of copyright laws.

Contact - deleted@cap-city.co.uk.